SuperGenPass: Keyboard Shortcut

Earlier today, I wrote about the fantastic bookmarklet, SuperGenPass; a great tool for generating secure, random and site-specific passwords with an additional two-clicks added to your login process. However, as noted in my previous post, two more clicks is not the ideal solution, at least not for me. I have detailed below the steps to implement a keyboard shortcut for SuperGenPass to reduce the effort down from two clicks to zero.

What you need (requirements)

  1. Using the handy bookmarklet builder at the SGP homepage, generate a bookmarklet for Firefox with the option to “Enter your master password each time, but use a hash to verify it” and your preferred number of characters.
  2. Add the generated bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar.
  3. Right click on SGP and click properties, copy the SGP code (starting with ‘javascript:’) into your favorite text editor.
  4. Do a Find & Replace All.
    Find: .blur Replace: .focus This will ensure that no added clicks will have to be added into your login procedure (i.e., you will press your keyboard shortcut and then ‘Enter’ to login, rather than having to click the ‘Login’ button)
  5. Copy your modified code back into the ‘Location’ field of the bookmark properties
  6. Assign a ‘Keyword’ to the bookmarklet (e.g., sgp) and remember this keyword
  7. Install the Keyconfig extension
  8. Type about:config into your address bar and hit ‘Enter’
  9. Right click on the config screen and create a New >> String
  10. For the preference name enter: keyconfig.main.xxx_key__SGP BOOKMARK KEYWORD
  11. For the string value enter: meta][][][if(window.loadURI) loadURI(getShortcutOrURI('SGP BOOKMARK KEYWORD',{}));
  12. In the Firefox menu Tools >> Keyconfig find the name of the bookmark keyword you just added.
  13. Assign a keyboard shortcut.
  14. Restart Firefox.
  15. Choose a site that you wish to test your new bookmarklet (e.g.,
  16. Open your account preferences and select the ‘Change Password’ function.
  17. Type in your master password (as set on the bookmarklet generator page) into the ‘Current Password’ text box and execute your keyboard shortcut. The text boxes (Current, New, Confirm) will turn green, indicating that they have been populated with the password as generated by SGP.
  18. In the ‘Current Password’ box, type in your current password (leaving the ‘New’ and ‘Confirm’ boxes alone and submit the changes.

Next time you go to the site to login, type in your master password, execute your keyboard shortcut, and press enter. Voila!

How To: Reset a non-responsive Blackberry 7130e

It seems that my BlackBerry and I get in fights every once in a while. While attempting to “fix” it in order to enable Bluetooth synchronization with my new work laptop, I discovered that it was missing not one, but two, critical services for this type of connection: Desktop Connectivity and Wireless Bypass. Unsure of how to restore the services that were there when I purchased the device I proceeded to restore the settings to the factory defaults (after a handy backup of all my data, of course). After waiting 30 minutes for the device to erase the data and reset, to no avail, I performed a hard reset by removing the battery (read: mistake #1).

Upon reinserting the battery, I was greeted with a white screen, spinning hour glass, and frantically blinking red light. After 30 minutes I began to worry that I had interrupted the process and was going to be unable to reawaken my device. I tried multiple hard resets and kept coming up with the same results. I even tried powering the device with the USB cable and no battery. A pretty screen showing me that I had no battery was as far as I could get. I turned to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to see if it would recognize the device. As the 7130e powered on, the Desktop Manager software would briefly recognize that it was connected but once the hour glass began spinning the software acted as if the device was not there. Timing is everything.

I pulled up the Application Loader section of the software and, with my BlackBerry connected, performed a hard reset. When the screen turned on I clicked “Next” and we have connection! The Application Loader recognized that the BB was in trouble and instantly prompted me to reinstall the OS and core system software. A simple click of the “Next” button and a quick 15-20 minutes and I’m back up and running.

Hopefully there’s no permanent damage.