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I received an e-mail from the wonderful promotions department at this morning with some good news:

Finding Amazon Prime-eligible gifts is even easier. Sign in to, search, and look for “Prime” in your results.

I very much appreciate that some much needed help as arrived for making the most out of my Amazon Prime membership. It can be difficult to find which items are eligible without clicking on individual items in your search results. However, what if you want to limit your searches to just Prime-eligible items? Amazon has left us in a conundrum.

In comes a handy-dandy implementation of Amazon Web Services. The ability to Search for Amazon Prime Eligible Items. While this little tool does not offer a great deal of eye-candy, it does what it advertises. Give it a try and find your Free Two-Day Shipping-eligible items a bit easier.

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  1. The “Prime tag” that Amazon created helps with this problem, but doesn’t really solve it. I actually got so frustrated with their search results that I made my own website to deal with the problem: It searches Amazon and pre-filters the results to ensure that only products qualifying for Prime or Super Saver shipping are shown.

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